Orion here–Hello 21st century!

OK, although I’ve been a tech gadget geek for many years, I also maintain a Luddite status when it comes to certain pet annoyances, e.g., I FINALLY got a cell phone a few years ago.  Cell phones being the spawn of Satan, it took me a long time to make the break.  And I’m surely overwhelmed by the convenience–the convenience, that is, of not being able to get a signal in the dungeon in which I live, so now I can only use the phone outside.  Well that’s progress.  And it’s not like I live in some backwater–I live right smack in the center of the city of San Francisco.

Anyway–all this is a prelude to saying that now, finally, I have a blog.  I’ve got a lot to say, and it’s not all nice.  I try, sometimes, though.  So I’ve set up two categories:  “Blessings” and “Rants”.  We’ll see which one wins.

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Just LOOK at the way it’s spelled, etc. . . .

All right, look:

Can you say “get”?  Say “get”.  Very good.  Can you say “pet”?  Say “pet”.  Very good.  Can you say “wet”?  Say “wet”.  Veeeeerry good.

THEN I’LL BET YOU CAN SAY “et-cetera”.  NOT “EK-cetera”.  Did you sleep during phonics class?  Huh?  Only dreck says “ek-cetera”.  Sheesh.  Time to unpack my Uzi.

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